Do you have Sales/Discounts/Coupon Codes?

We can provide wholesale prices for our girdles.Minimum 12 order but please contact us before hand.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

We do but please contact us before ordering as there are different postage cost regarding the weight of the garments.

How do I figure out what size to get?

Click the link labeled Sizing to visit our sizing information page that features detailed sizing information and even a few videos on how to wear our BodyShapers. Please try not take two sizes too small with our girdles as they are made from a very tightly woven material . We would like you to have a curvaceous figure but not for you to suffocate.

Do your shapewear garments MAGICALLY help you loose weight?

No ladies! So here is the difference:

Latex girdles: They are ideal for exercising and helping you waist train. How? Latex makes you sweat and from small daily activities like  house chores to dancing and gym it'll definitely make you brake a sweat.Eventually, patiently shirking waist by its constant use. There is a constriction on your diaphragm which means you will feel full much quicker. Your main priority is to have a balanced diet by remembering everything starts in the kitchen. E.g. No fried food, no fizzy or sugary drinks, 2 litres of water a day plenty of veggies and protein.

Powernet: These are very strong and are not ideal for exercising. In Colombia women traditionally wear a 'faja', the term for shapewear, after they have given natural birth or surgery such as a liposuction . It helps with swelling by wearing it 8-12 hours daily. These are also great to wear with bodycon fitted dresses as it gives a smooth silhouette, the style of the girdle will depend on the style of your clothes. 

Both the latex and powernet girdles can be worn daily and will both aid with your posture.

Do you have a physical store?

 We do!!!

We have two main stores one in Oval and one in Peckham (both in London) , see the 'contact us' link for detailed directions.